• Rack


    Storage rack that holds up to 5 pairs of Rapid Rings

    Mounting holes have been drilled at 16 and 24 on center to mount to studs.

    This product is designed to store Rapid Rings and not for use for working out.

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  • Rapid Rings


    Rapid Rings

    Fast set up, quick adjusting, so you can spend more time on your routine and less time adjusting.

    Comes in pairs of two Rapid Rings

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  • Gym Pack


    Gym Pack

    Includes: 5 sets of Rapid Ring, 5 pairs of rings, and mounted rack for storing them.

    The rack is 31″ wide and has holes pre-drilled at 16″ and 24″ on center to fit most wall studs, in a studio or garage

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  • Rings



    Includes two wooden rings and straps.

    Available in 1.25″ for Crossfit and 1.11″ for Gymnastics.

    These rings can be used with your Rapid Rings or they can be used on their own.

    Included straps are not marked with lines.

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